Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts

By: on May 16, 2013

Sometimes people do stupid shit, such as get extremely drunk and ornery on the 4th of July and refuse to respond to reason and jump off the deck of a Carver 54 motor yacht...twice...without taking their brand new iPhones out of their pockets. While these people typically need more types of help than Stash shorts can provide, the generously-sized waterproof pouch sewn into the garment's right leg is a decent place to start.

Stash Incorporated has designed prototypes for a pair of shorts with a 100% waterproof interior pocket, designated as such by its thick plastic casing and lockdown fitment. The opening diameter will be 3-1/4"--large enough to fit most phones--and the pouch ample for holding cash and keys in addition to small electronics. To accommodate comfort, Stash pockets will also have a soft layer of fabric encasing them to preclude chafing and the strange sensation of a sack that is not part of your own anatomy slapping against your leg.

Initially, Stash shorts and pocket caps will be available in khaki and olive colors, and fabricated for battling the elements during activities such as hiking, canyoneering, and swimming. However, their creators have plans to incorporate the concept into myriad types and styles of outdoor wear. Those backing Stash on Kickstarter will receive a pair of shorts that features:

  • The Stash waterproof pocket
  • A 60/40 polyester/cotton blend of fabric
  • Double and triple stitch construction
  • An 11" to 12" inseam
  • Antimicrobial and quick-drying properties
  • 5 belt loops

Get your pledge in during the shorts' crowdfunding campaign, which runs through June 5, 2013.

Muchas danke to Gadget Review.

December 2013 Update: Stash funding was unsuccessful, and while their creators are still pursuing the shorts, they have not yet begun producing them for public sale.

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