Skeleton Maternity Shirt

Posted: October 01, 2012
Skeleton Maternity Shirt
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Had I an oven in which to grow a bun, definitely a Skeleton Baby T-Shirt would be my preferred method of announcing it to the world. I wonder if wearing it would deter the nosy old hens who feel up preggo women's bellies uninvited, or encourage them even more. In any case, Baby Talk Designs has a treat for ladies' tricks, er, rather, wonders of nature this Halloween season.

Baby skeletons come in versions boy and girl, and before you can ask, no, that does not mean they're anatomically correct, just that the girl has eyelashes and a pink bow on her skull. Oh, and if you were blessed/cursed with double bundles of joy, T-shirts are also available with twin baby bone structures.

All Baby Talk Designs maternity tops are true maternity, not just oversized, tees, and are custom created for each expecting mama. The shop also peddles T-shirts for the skeleton baby's Baby Daddy and siblings.

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