SilverAir Anti-Odor Performance Clothing

Posted: April 08, 2015
SilverAir Anti-Odor Athletic Clothing
$16 - $64
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Y Athletics weaves pure silver into the fabrics of their SilverAir line of performance gear to form an ionic shield against odor. They say the result is not only effective, but designed to fight odor naturally throughout both the day (or week if you're out of detergent/quarters for the laundry) and the entire lifetime of the garment. Y Athletics currently offers SilverAir short and long sleeve shirts, and just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their odorless socks.

Like the ol' trick of rubbing a spoon on garlicky hands, SilverAir gear's silver component uses its metal magic to counteract bodily proteins that start to turn stank when mixed with sweat (itself mostly water and entirely odorless). Silver running through shirt and sock veins block the offensive smells to keep your clothes fresh and your nose free from assault. Obviously, SilverAir will also provide some protection against vampires and werewolves.

In addition to their key ingredient, SilverAir performance shirt fabric is made from moisture-wicking yarns and the shirt design includes ventilation panels at key sweat-gushing areas to promote a cool, comfortable feel during wear. Y Athletics stitches their socks from a base of Australian merino wool, whose inherent odor-resistant qualities further complement the silver. For comfort, durability, and fit, they have also incorporated acrylic, nylon, and spandex.

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