SeV Sterling Store-Everything Jacket

Posted: April 09, 2014
SeV Sterling Store-Everything Jacket

The Scottevest SeV Sterling jacket has 24 interior pockets. 24! That means it can hold my wallet (condoms), water bottle (lube), iPad (In Diana Jones and the Temple Poon DVD), sunglasses (vibrator), Bluetooth headset (butt plug), and camera (camera). And since it maintains a low profile even when stuffed, and doesn't look at all like travel (walking sex shop) clothing, I can wear it around town and on vacation without fear of sticking out as an easy theft target or great big perv!

In addition to its number of pockets, the Sterling jacket also has some individual pocket add-ons, such as an RFID-blocking material lining the one designated for credit cards and passports, a clear touch pocket for viewing and controlling a smart device, and an integrated Personal Area Network (PAN) that supports tangle-free device use and charging. Special PAN channels in the jacket's lining enable the wiring of a battery pack in one pocket to a device in another pocket, plus headphone routing. Sterling jackets are Teflon-treated for water and stain resistance, and undergo anti-static treatments to thwart fuzz.

The SeV Sterling's 24 pockets break down as follows:

  1. Left pocket for earbud
  2. Right pocket for earbud
  3. Left pen/stylus/laser pointer/flashlight pocket
  4. Right pen/stylus/laser pointer/flashlight pocket
  5. Left clear touch pocket
  6. Right clear touch pocket
  7. Glasses & chamois pocket
  8. Travel documents pocket
  9. RFID-blocking wallet pocket
  10. Clear touch ID pocket
  11. Digital camera pocket
  12. Memory card pocket inside camera pocket
  13. USB drive/Bluetooth earpiece/pack of gum pocket
  14. PadPocket (fits iPad in size Medium and up)
  15. Left horizontal drop-in pocket
  16. Interior mesh on left drop-in pocket
  17. Right horizontal drop-in pocket
  18. Interior mesh on right drop-in pocket
  19. Back pocket
  20. Left handwarmer pocket with magnetic closure
  21. Right handwarmer pocket with magnetic closure
  22. Left change pocket (inside handwarmer)
  23. Right change pocket (inside handwarmer)
  24. Zippered pocket-in-pocket
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