Rogue From X-Men Costume

By: on August 16, 2011

It's The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' most famous defector in living, non-Anna-Paquin form! This milliskin Rogue jumpsuit is made to order in your choice of kotobukiya with green details, classic with black details, and in a glossy or matte finish. Also included are a faux leather jacket, with optional faux fur trim, shoe covers, a belt, and--so you don't inadvertently suck the sweet memories out of every lucky SOB who gets to adjust himself when you enter the room wearing the ensemble--gloves.

Accurate body measurements--which, fellows, are easily procured on the sly when the lovely specimen you're gifting with the X-Men suit is lying catatonic on the couch watching HGTV--will need to be submitted upon completion of payment so that, when worn, the costume may be removed slowly, for fun, instead of ripped off, for prompt administration of CPR.