Pixel Panties

By: on September 09, 2014
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When I saw these Pixel Panties I felt like I walked into a Super Mario Bros. mushroom. Drrring Drrring DRRRRRRING! From little Mario to big Mario in 1 second flat. In addition, the 8-bit underwear's Portuguese designers came up with their line of squares fit for round bottoms during one of the most enviable Eureka! moments I've ever heard: "After a night of intense video gaming we had a dream about sexy women in pixelated lingerie."

Pixel Panties, true to their bit number, come in 8 different colors. Choose from Classic Pong White, Mario Fiery Red, Link Courageous, Sonic Ultrasonic Blue, Zx spectrum cyan, Ms. Pac Hipnotic yellow, Kirby Pinky Panties, and Game boy Grey. But choose wisely. And don't try Pixel Panties on alone. It's dangerous to try them on alone! Take me with you!

Pixel Panties are a top Dude Gift for a Geek and Gift for Your Girlfriend pick.

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Vibrating Panties (NSFW)

$15.99 from Amazon »

New life hack, ladies: vibrating panties for your long, miserable commute. Vibrating panties for your long, miserable shift. Vibrating panties for your long, miserable night of caring for your poor little monkey with...

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Fundies: Underwear Built for Two

$12.95 from Amazon »

According to every woman's favorite book, The Five Love Languages, physical touch is the predominant type of love males enjoy receiving, while quality time earns high marks with the ladies. Fundies, a chic pair of tandem...

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Latex Bat Underwear

$80 from Etsy »

Warning: Abigail Greydanus' latex bat underwear are slightly NSFW. Probably both in terms of viewing enlarged photos of them, and physically wearing them at the office, as my experience with latex is that it is the textile...

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Santa Jumpsuit

[Insert Sit on Santa's Lap Joke Here.]...

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Show Me Your Kitty Panties

$10.90 from Etsy »

Cats hide in the darndest of places, don't they? Etsy shop owner Elena prints adorable images of kitties onto semi-sexy pairs of underwear to create the overall awesome effect of the literal cuddly creature ladies obsess...

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Year of the Dead Zombie Lingerie Calendar

Sold Out from Amazon »

On the one hand, we don't really need 2013 calendars since we're probably not going to live to see 2013, but on the other hand, the Year of the Dead calendar brims with extremely hot and voluptuous zombie ladies in lingerie...

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Golden Girls Granny Panties


Welp, they couldn't really put The Cosby Show on them, now could they? Candice Pugh of Etsy shop Bullets and Bees has made this homage to everyone's favorite old ladies living the retired life in Florida, The Golden Girls....

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Betty Beauty Dye for Hair Down There

$14.99 from Amazon »

Whether you're going gray, going to a rave, or going a little kinky in the bedroom, Betty has you covered. Well, your pubic hair anyway....

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Lord of the Rings Underwear

$13.50 from Etsy »

Balrogs and horndogs beware! These gold-emblazoned ladies' hot shorts guard the Secret Fire and they will not avail your advances! Undies are American Apparel brand, and come in S, M & L. Check out the size guide photo...

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$13.97 from Amazon »

Finally a real need has been filled. Underpants for your hands. Great for protecting your hands while... eating chocolate and scratching your butt? Maybe these gloves should be worn under your regular gloves to protect...

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USB-Powered Pac-Man Ghost Light

$38.96 from Amazon »

A Pac-Man Ghost wouldn't be my first choice for a night light. Isn't the whole point of a night light to ward off ghosts? Make you less afraid of them? Not to mention that Pac-Man Ghosts in particular have a decades-long...

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Marvel Comics Bra

Sold Out from Etsy »

Pow! Kaboom! SHAZAAAM! It's Marvel superheroes defending boobs from evil sag and boring flesh-colored polyester. If you liked the Glow-in-the-Dark Batman Underwear Set, take a quick eyeball stroll through Megan Elizabeth's...