Personalized Suit Lining

Posted: October 23, 2012
Personalized Suit Lining

Load your lining. British tailor A Suit That Fits makes custom suits for clients that now include the option of uploading a photo or image to be printed on the jacket's lining. Though this probably won't look very remarkable while wearing the jacket and soaking the lining with back sweat, imagine the effect it will have on the ladies when the jacket is removed and offered up to cover their bare and chilly shoulders. Presuming the back sweat has been remedied underneath the hand dryer in the john, that is.

All suits are made from scratch during in-person appointments. Tailors hand-cut individual patterns, record personalized preferences--lining options also include a gallery of the company's own stylized designs--and then get to sewing for the next 3 to 8 weeks before hailing buyers back for their first fittings. Though A Suit That Fits does proffer individual garments, such as overcoats and tailored Official Movember Jackets in Rober Noble twee, personalized suit linings appear to be available only with a full two- or three-piece suit purchase.

Appointments for design and fittings are currently available only in one of A Suit That Fits' 30 Great Britain locations, but the service is en route to the US. Check the company's Website for further information and updates.

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