P.E. Is Not the Olympics Shirts

Posted: February 06, 2013
P.E. Is Not the Olympics Shirts
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It was between the "Calm down bro. It's P.E. not the Olympics" shirt and the "I try not to laugh at my own jokes but we all know I'm hilarious" shirt. I went with the first one because I figure the second really only applies to me, and I already bought it. Several, actually--one for each day of the year I achieve a new level of comic genius. No, not 365, just 364. I take Groundhog Day off to watch a Bill Murray movie marathon and reaffirm that while close, Bill F**king Murray still has a few years to go before he establishes a signature brand of hilarity equal to my own.

Anyway, I thought all the recreational soccer, dodgeball, and flag football leagues out there, or anyone who's played a friendly game of anything with "that guy", would share my appreciation for a shirt calling him out on his inability to grasp the "friendly" designation. On his trash talking*. On his near physical altercations with opposing team members and volunteer referees. On his regular unleashing of a competitive fury that borders on lunacy. On how maybe he should have gone to the doctor after getting bit by that stray dog because he is now demonstrating the flailing and foaming at the mouth that are symptomatic of rabies.

Dude, we're all just here to get away from our wives for a couple hours and justify the calorically-dense burgers and microbrews we're gonna down afterwards. Listen to the shirt. Calm down, bro. It's P.E. not the Olympics.

Skreened sells 3 variations of the Calm down bro. It's P.E. not the Olympics shirt--two different tanks in either white, or red and black lettering, and several shirt color choices, and one T-shirt in a bevy of color choices with black lettering.

*For competitive Scrabble players, best trash talking line ever: I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better word than that. ZingSmackBurrrnnn!

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