Pando Moto Kevlar-Lined Motorcycle Jeans

Posted: August 31, 2016
Pando Moto Kevlar-Lined Motorcycle Jeans

Like Pando Moto's Karl Desert motorcycle jeans? Their stylin' Cordura denim outer layer pairs with Coolmax technology to help keep you from sweating your balls off while riding, plus panels of Kevlar at key areas along the inside to help protect you from pureeing a knee, thigh, or ass cheek if you go down. Nice, right?

Very nice.

If you have a twenty-seven-inch waist! Twenty-eight is fine too. Or 29, 30, 31...sizes go all the way up to a hefty 36W for the fatties! Pando Moto is a Lithuanian company that prides itself on limited edition denim designs made exclusively for bikers. And apparently Lithuania is a country that prides itself on petite men with the waistlines of Jessica Alba and my calves. So if you laid off the BBQ ribs and peach cobblers this summer, grab yourself a pair of "tapered, slim fit" Karl Deserts.

Muchas danke to Silodrome.

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