Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Underwear

Posted: July 29, 2014
Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Underwear

Naturally those responsible for the World's Tackiest Sweaters would also have a hand in underwear with launching rockets, Statue of David family jewels, octopus-skull hybrids, and What Does the Fox Say? on it. But unlike the sweaters, Mr. Gugu & Miss Go's line of men's boxer briefs manages to be questionably quirky without devolving into a blinding eyesore. Well I mean, I'd be proud to have my two favorite things--a lady's hands and an ice cream cone--cradling my junk anyway.

All Mr. Gugu & Miss Go underwear are pattern-printed and sewn in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. They come in sizes S, M & L. And, yeah, sorry, those are European sizes S, M & L at 31", 33" & 35" waistlines.

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