Mousou Exposed Butt T-Shirt

Posted: April 14, 2017
Mousou Exposed Butt T-Shirt

I just...I can't...I...what the butt, Japan?! The Mousou Exposed Butt T-Shirt baffles me on so many levels. First, why is the butt positioned so that it's exploding out of the wearer's chest Alien-style? Why is it on the chest at all, instead of, say, on the back bottom portion of the shirt? I also find the existing design and placement incredibly unsettling to look at because it's like boobs in a bra, but with the bra on upside down, exposing the wrong part of the boobs. The part that would be the money part, actually, except the boobs have no nipples! No nipples!

Who is supposed to wear this Mousou Exposed Butt T-Shirt? What is the anticipated market for a $74 wad of cotton printed with with what they call "a cute female rear in panties"? Japan Trend Shop thinks it's a terrific gift for men--and for women--and that the unisex shirt will go over great at a party, during walks down busy streets, and as a special surprise for your coworkers.

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