Microsuede CleanSquare Oxford

Posted: June 21, 2013
Microsuede Clean Square Oxford

Voy Voy's first shirt venture, conducted through Kickstarter, is of the T persuasion, and has the interesting flourish of a built-in pocket square that can either hold a wallet or phone, or invert to a peacockish display of plaid or gingham to give its wearer a suave, post-18-hole, time-for-a-highball-happy-hour look. Now the company has released a Summer Oxford, which incorporates their now trademarked PocketSquare, plus adds a microsuede CleanSquare.

The CleanSquare is a patch hidden beneath the shirt's right tail specially fabricated for cleaning smartphone screens, camera lenses, or sunglasses. You know, the things we normally use our shirttails to clean anyway, except with the Summer Oxford the attempts will actually work instead of just leaving behind streaks and fuzz and a few scratches.

Though more colors and patterns are expected, at printing the Summer Oxford was available as a white shirt with a light blue gingham PocketSquare. The line is handmade in New York City.

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