Mewgaroo Pet Pocket Hoodie

By: on June 02, 2015
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Although Mewgaroo maker UniHabitat's website is plagued with the most jacked up English translation of Japanese I've ever seen from Google, I don't think this lack of a single coherent sentence describing the Mewgaroo pet pocket hoodie takes too much of a toll on our understanding of what and how ridiculously awesome and ridiculously ridiculous this sweatshirt is. For example, even though my translated text reads, "Was not likely, spoiled child Nyankoto symbiosis Parker," and "Please be committed feel the warmth of each other," I know the points are, "Pack your spoiled chihuahua Nyankoto Parker in this marsupial-like pocked instead of your purse!" and "Most cats are going to hate it and try to claw your eyes out, but the Mewgaroo hoodie pocket is a terrific place to stuff them too!"

Mewgaroo hoodies are fitted with oversized sleeves with thumb holes and embellishments that make their human wearers look like they too have paws, and it appears that some of the tops also have pointy ears on their hood. The pet pocket itself looks fleece-lined and, admittedly, pretty comfortable. Perpetually shivering and co-dependent small animals will probably really dig its warmth and proximity to their owners. The downside to Mewgaroo-ing a Pomeranian or tabby around, aside from the animal freaking out on you, is the hair and stench it's going to leave behind. Luckily the hoodie appears to be washable, and I'm pretty sure "From a removable inner pocket, washing and Colo hair up just inside pocket is also easy" means the pocket comes out for separate cleaning and de-fuzzing.

Mewgaroo pet pocket hoodies are currently available online only through Japanese websites. But if they're popular and receive a lot of "WHY CAN'T I GET THIS DELIVERED TO SEATTLE YOU STUPID JERKS???!!!" comments, I'm sure they'll make the journey overseas to our pet-obsessed shores soon enough.

February 2016 Update: Mewgaroos have come to Western shores! Via the Amazon! Follow the link below.

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