Maqoo Cooling Underwear

Posted: August 06, 2015
Maqoo Cooling Underwear

They're not quite as...vented...as a pair of Manties, but Maqoo still believes their new linen blend of underwear will be the coolest your boys will ever cradle. At least from a degrees Fahrenheit point of view. Aesthetically, while more presentable in the locker room than lacy lingerie for men might be, they don't travel too far outside of the tighty whitey category. Sure, I'd be glad to Maqoo on a long plane ride or the outdoor wedding She-Ra: Princess of Power is making me attend in 95-degree heat this weekend if wearing a pair meant an exponential increase in comfort, but I hope this One Underwear to Rule Them All will consider adding a few more colors, or even a giant grizzly bear crotch to their line. (Actually, this probably won't happen. Part of Maqoo's ethos is to keep it simple.)

The underoo gurus at Maqoo haven't just created a new application for their boxer briefs' fabric, they have created the fabric itself. In fact, the company's blend of 81% linen, 16% nylon, and 3% spandex came about even before the idea for the underwear; their approach is to "develop fabrics first, and then design [their] products minimalist." The stretch linen result of this textile endeavor works for undergarments because linen is known for its breathability and cooling effects. Another plus of this trait: Maqoo could increase the fabric's stitch count without adding extra insulation. So the underwear dissipate heat over an extra large surface area of fibers rather than trapping it, or absorbing and condensing it to create those unpleasant "moist balls" and "dewy butt crack" effects.

Unlike linen shirts, Maqoo fabric is knitted instead of woven. The interlocking thread method provides stretch in all directions, and unrestricted movement. If you want a pair for yourself, get your pledge in on Kickstarter by August 27, 2015.

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