Lightning Bolt Button-Up Shirt

Posted: August 28, 2014
Lightning Bolt Shirt

The first thing I noticed is that the guy modeling this lightning bolt button-up from Neil Barrett looks like a Ken doll, and I was disappointed because the shirt might be the closest we'll ever get to a work-appropriate superhero costume, and therefore should be presented by a man who spends his free time fighting evil, not getting manicures and facials. But then I remembered pretty boy superheroes like Robin and Captain America and Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern exist too and figured he probably is representative enough of the shirt's intent after all.

Also, Kevin Hart wore it recently, so...I don't know if that makes things better or worse.

Barrett's black and grey lightning bolt gives an otherwise simple white shirt for the office its own special shot of electricity. And if the Italian-made design isn't enough to jolt you, check out the price tag.

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