Lemon Sox - Scented Socks in a Can

Posted: January 08, 2018
Check It Out

On the outside, Lemon Sox look like a can of tuna fish or cat food, but crack them open, and instead of fish and congealed vomit you'll see a pair of colorful, patterend men's socks. Even better, instead of fish and congealed vomit you'll smell - mmmm - cinnamon. Or vanilla. Or orange-chili. (Strangely though, at printing Lemon Sox had no canned socks that smell of lemon.)

Lemon Sox are packed into a recyclable tin can along with aromas so pleasing the ladies will line up to give you foot rubs and suck your toes. You can tell them you don't know why your feet smell like a Cinnabon, they just always have. Maybe you're an X-Man.

In addition to their 3 scents, Lemon Sox come in 6 funky patterns. And if you happen to give Lemon Sox as a gift to a man who doesn't want his feet to smell like vanilla, cinnamon, or orange-chili Lemon Sox says the scents their socks in a can stick around only until the first wash.

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