Lazer Shirt

Posted: September 28, 2012

DIY trippiness. The Lazer Shirt allows wearers--and people wearers are comfortable having up in their business--to use a laser point to create complex artistic masterpieces or, more likely, squiggly lines and curves across their chest cavities, that blaze bright as a Miss USA candidate's horse teeth under the UV rays of a black light. An key ring-sized ultraviolet Lazer is included with every purchase, and to "charge" glowing designs onto the shirt, one need only activate the beam and command a few Bob Ross flicks of the wrist.

Lazer Shirts come in gray, black and white backgrounds with a choice of reactive designs ranging from storm clouds blasting lightning to a pixelated mass to some interstellar-looking meteorites. The T-shirts are machine washable turned inside out on cold.

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