Lalabu Dad Shirt

Posted: September 24, 2017
Lalabu Dad Shirt

The Lalabu Dad Shirt is a different kind of Dadbag. One that some men will consider just as big of a joke, but that others, such dudes with infants who find themselves piling on as much gear as they once did for a weeklong hike through Yellowstone, will consider a dad gift straight from the stork.

Lalabu turns a standard V-neck T-shirt into a standard V-neck T-shirt with a cozy kangaroo pouch. Yes, you could probably make one yourself. But if you've got a newborn, or are expecting one, my (and Lalabu's) guess is that you don't have the time or energy to bust out the polyester-rayon blend fabric and the sewing machine.

The Lalabu Dad Shirt gives new dads an uncomplicated way to calm and bond with their babies. Nothing to strap or clip or tie or wrap, and when you're not using it to transport cargo, the Lalabu wears just like any other sporty T.

Note: Once your baby grows too big to carry inside a Lalabu - the company doesn't recommend tucking in any kiddos over 15 pounds - you can repurpose the shirt as a portable snack and toy chest. Instead of hug-hauling Jr. himself, use it to transport his binkies, bottles, teething rings, and bowls of Goldfish. And in the years following that, your own Dad outing necessities. Cash, cards, multi-tool, flask of booze, and heartburn pills.

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