Jedi Bathrobe

By: on December 13, 2013
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I bet this is the only bathrobe on Amazon--no, on the planet!--that has 121 customer reviews! 121 reviews! 159 if you count its second listing here. 159 reviews*! Of a bathrobe. I know it's a Jedi bathrobe and it has a Star Wars aura enveloping it, but...wait...or maybe it doesn't. Maybe the robe lacks the aura, and that's what all the reviews are about. "0 stars! No aura!"

I don't know, I didn't read them.

My point is, Force radiation aside, let's just say it's a normal bathrobe in basic construction and function. Which it probably is. So what the Yoda's unknown origins is there to say about it? You take a shower, you put it on, you mug in the mirror for 20 minutes pretending you're a Jedi, end of story. Except for the mirror part, it's not even that great of a story. Yet over 150 aspiring Jedis felt the need to tell it. Jedi Order, your legacy and rabid cult following will never die.

Further proof that the Jedi bathrobe obsession is unique: it is also possible to buy a Stormtrooper bathrobe and a Darth Vader bathrobe. They have 8 and 5 reviews respectively. Losers.

*At printing. It might be a million by the time you see this.

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