Jaws Skirt

Posted: July 16, 2014
Jaws Skirt
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Did anyone who left the theater after seeing Jaws for the first time not exit with a newly-acquired fear of sharks, and a newly-acquired need of a new pair of pants? I'm pretty sure Spielberg's decision to make a movie about the great white man eater has earned him a Top 5 spot on every major publication's list of Scariest Movies of All Time. And now, ladies and possibly kilt-loving gentlemen, you can wear a celebration of this beast's homicidal inclinations and 3 sequels' worth of mass carnage on your skirt.

The Jaws-inspired skirt from Rachel Bradford of Nerd Alert Creations features a disproportionately massive great white shark makin' ready to ascend upon an unsuspecting swimmer. I recommend enhancing the effect by clipping one of those mini Bluetooth speakers to the waistband and walking around with it blasting the Jaws theme.

Note: I'm sticking the first person who says, "I could make that for $10" about the Jaws skirt on a boat with a slow leak and 2 tons of fresh seal meat in the middle of the ocean off Amity Island. Maybe you could make it. For $10. But you didn't. Rachel Bradford did. She also had the motivation and business savvy to set up shop online and start selling it, thereby turning her DIY assertions into a profit and recipient of free press. Another fine example of protestant ethic meets spirit of capitalism. So put that in your cartilaginous jaw and gnash it.

The Jaws skirt is a top Dude Gift for Your Girlfriend pick.

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