Hoodsie - Adult Hooded Onesie

By: on January 19, 2014
  • Hoodsie - Adult Hooded Onesie
  • Hoodsie - Adult Hooded Onesie
  • Hoodsie - Adult Hooded Onesie
  • Hoodsie - Adult Hooded Onesie
$65 - $85
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The bad news: at printing, Hoodsie adult hooded onesies just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, and are available only for pre-order. Delivery is not anticipated until April 2014, long after the most bone-chilling weeks of winter have passed. And for that matter, long after you've faced the agonizing process of purchasing a Valentine's Day gift for the girl/guy you've been seeing for that awkward 6-week-to-3-year limbo period during which you feel obligated to give a gift, but don't want to buy anything too romantic or indicative of intentions you're just not yet sure of.

The good news: if you can wait until April, you can wear your Hoodsie forever thereafter. I mean, obviously this is a piece of fashion that will never go out of style. And it does still get nippy at night during those early spring days. Plus, Hoodsie's lightweight jersey version could make a dashing addition to the summer 2014 festival and rave scenes. Slap some EL wire around the hood and along the zipper, and become the EDM LED BAMF incarnate.

Hoodsies, unisex sleep and lounge (and party!) wear for those whose growth cycles have peaked, are made from soft Pima cotton and come in both a midweight fleece and the aforementioned lightweight jersey material. Three different colors accompany each version. Hoodsie sizing is unisex, so buyers are advised to size down for a slimmer fit and up for one that's baggier.

But what I want to know is, what has Hoodsie done to accommodate extra long torsos and penises? Because I carry most of my 6'3" in the area between my neck and my legs, and when you tack on an additional...9 inches or so...flaccid...you get L O N G. Giraffe's neck long. In need of 2 VHS cassette tapes like Gandhi long. Letter my ex-girlfriend wrote me when I asked her what her problem was long. And definitely potential crotchal discomfort long.

That said, barring any crotchal discomfort, I would say Hoodsie adult onesies are a pajamic force to be reckoned with.