Dr. Who Dress

By: on August 08, 2012

Out of this world? How about out of this Whoniverse? Black Milk Clothing's James Lillis ups the ante once again with the Who Dress, a TARDIS homage that would probably make the eyes and jaw of the Eleventh Doctor himself go googly and unhinged. Ladies, bedeck yourselves in this curve-hugger, and I can pretty much guarantee it will render those you encounter oblivious to the time and relative dimension in space of all other entities in the room. Seriously, looking at it makes me feel like I may have had one too many interactions with my Dalek Pipe today.

82% of the Dr. Who Dress emerged from the finest Gallifreyan polyester, with the remaining 18% made of smuggled Skaro LYCRA. In addition to its obvious function as an anatomical sheath, the dress can be used as a decoy when assisting the Doctor in evading Cybermen, The Master, and any other masculine-tinged enemies. Please hand wash cool.

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Sexy TRON Outfit


Wise shoppers know that when buying a gift, you should choose something for the recipient that you would never choose to buy for yourself. In that vein, this smokin' hot, 12-gauge clear plastic TRON corset lined with...

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Rogue From X-Men Costume


It's The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' most famous defector in living, non-Anna-Paquin form! This milliskin Rogue jumpsuit is made to order in your choice of kotobukiya with green details, classic with black details, and...

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$1,260 - $1,500 from Scan Computers »

Since the BBC officially licensed the TARDIS PC, Scan Computers was able to build it exactly to scale from the original prop schematics, match the interdimensional police box's precise Pantone color, and load its hard...

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Cuts of Meat Dress

$62 from Etsy »

I love beef, and I love girls, but somehow the combination of the two doesn't work so well for me. The cuts of meat diagram on this dress carries implications of objectifying women and also cannibalism, and that is so...

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TARDIS Fridge Skin Kit

$185 from Glass Sculpture »

Yikes, $185 for the TARDIS fridge skin kit. But it's customized to fit your specific cooler's make and model, so at least you know it will look as sick in your own kitchen as it does in the one in the photo. And if any...

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Super Mario Latex Dress

$205 from Etsy »

Hot. Sexy. Latex. When I think of Mario Bros. those are definitely the first 3 words that come to mind. And this latex dress captures that perfectly. I wonder how sweaty I would get if I tried to put that thing on? Not...

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Doctor Who TARDIS Necklace

$28 from Etsy »

Time Machine Jewelry interprets TARDIS approaching the Untempered Schism in this steampunk-esque pendant hanging from a 20" chain. Stare into the hypnotizing movement and gears of its vintage silver and gold pocket watches...

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Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control

$99.95 from ThinkGeek »

While I'm pretty sure the Sonic Screwdriver in remote control form cannot eradicate the entire E! Network or track aliens of the Zooey Deschanel persuasion, it can make brandishers feel like pretty bitchin' Time Lords...

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Nintendo Gameboy Dress

$74 from Etsy »

Finally. A way to combine your one true love and the girl you're currently boning. This handmade, handcrafted dress will surely lead to a handjob if you're smart enough to buy one for your girl....

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Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Fridge

Sold Out from Amazon »

Ironically, the prevailing thought I have in looking at the photo of this TARDIS Mini Fridge with the door open is that it most definitely is not bigger on the inside. Look at all that crap stuffed in all willy-nilly...

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Star Wars Comics Dress


Aaahhh! Sensory overload! Star Wars, comic books, low cut, short skirt, hot girl...too many pleasing stimuli for my sensitive male ecosystem to process. Now this is a New Year's Eve dress if I've ever seen one....

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Dalek Pipe


Now this is just what the Doctor ordered. A Dalek who wants to smoke a few bowls, chill out, and make love (and nachos and microwave brownies) not war. No longer on a mission to "Exterminate!" the only thing the Dalek...