Decorated Nerd T-Shirt

Posted: March 17, 2013
Decorated Nerd T-Shirt

The most highly decorated members of the Nerd Herd sport 10 official, cartoonish-looking, 2D medals representing the pinnacle of their march through contemporary society. A society rife with retro-Nintendo enthusiasm, Star Wars worship, comic book infatuation, and undying LEGO love. Fancy yourself a loyalist to their cause? Then grab thyself a Decorated Nerd T-Shirt and support the fight to defy yuppification and eradicate social aptitude, pushing on 'til Geekdom come.

SplitReason's Decorated Nerd T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton so, the company says, it "doesn't feel like cardboard". The back side glows in the dark because...uh...why the hell wouldn't it glow in the dark? Nerds spit in the face of subtlety. Speaking of which, last night I saw this guy in a pink-and-yellow spandex suit accidentally (but maybe on purpose) spit on this redheaded chick and in retaliation she poured an entire bottle of Miller Lite on his head and got him kicked out of the bar. Did you know that in, like, 100 years redheads are going to be extinct from the planet due to natural trends in human genetics? Personally, I have never met a redhead who wasn't as crazy as Old Yeller right before young Travis shot him dead, so I say good riddance.

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