Darth Vader Bathrobe

By: on March 19, 2014
  • Darth Vader Bathrobe
  • Darth Vader Bathrobe
  • Darth Vader Bathrobe
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I decided to spotlight the Darth Vader bathrobe because this morning I got an email from someone named Anastasia Kryzinski entitled, "What Does Your Love Python Need?" I thought it was the best email I ever received, and I had so, so many answers prepared for Anastasia. But when I clicked the message open I found it was all about erectile dysfunction pills! Can you believe that? I don't even know if Anastasia is a real person. I'd like to think she is though. I'd like to think that someone hacked her email account...after she wrote her subject and addressed it to me...to infill that malarkey about Viagra. Which anyone who's read the story of my penis knows I do not need. (Except maybe if the girl has braces or excessive body hair, but that's a psychological, not a physiological thing.)

What this has to do with the Darth Vader bathrobe is that I was wearing the Darth Vader bathrobe when I received my Love Python email. It made me want to unleash the power of the Dark Side on all email spammers. But it was also so cozy in all its terry cloth, oversized-hood-and-sleeves grandeur that ultimately I decided instead of waging an attack I'd just go back to bed.

Like the Jedi bathrobe we previously showed you, Darth Vader's officially-licensed piece of wraparound loungewear is made of 100% cotton and features an embroidered Galactic Empire emblem at its breast. It hangs 47" long from shoulder to bottom hem.

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Handmade Star Wars Pipes

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These handmade Star Wars pipes probably aren't officially licensed by Lucasfilm, but I sure bet they've got Yoda's stamp of approval. And check it out: you have a choice not only of a Yoda pipe actively partaking in some...

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The Darth Knight

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You love Batman, but you're a loyal Star Wars fanboy. Halloween is coming up and you have a difficult decision to make. Can you betray Darth Vader for your new crush on the Dark Knight? Good news. You won't have to. Mash...

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Star Wars Return of the Jedi Wall Clock

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The only thing missing from this Return of the Jedi wall clock is an R2-D2 head that pops out on the hour to go, Bee-boo-boop-coo-koo! Otherwise, it's all there. Electroluminescent lightsabers and LED glow from within:...

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Darth Vader Engagement Ring

$390 - $2,995 from Sapphire Studios »

Marry me and come to the Dark Side! Come on, ladies, even in you're not into Darth Vader or Star Wars, you gotta indulge any man who presents you with a Vader helmet engagement ring. If for no other reason than the license...

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Darth Vader Toaster

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Big Bad Toy Store says nothing--nothing!--about its forthcoming breakfast game changer, the Darth Vader Toaster, except this:...

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Baby Blue Terry Shark Robe

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Though not always as deadly as they seem, let's face it, babies are predators. Sharks in sheep's clothing. Seconds away from their next tantrum. Ready. Waiting.... to ruin your life. So let's not pretend we like them...

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Ural Dark Force - The Darth Vader Bike

$14,999 from Ural »

Ural's Dark Side has...bench seating and a sidecar? A trunk? A max cruising speed of 70mph? The company, a US-based affiliate of Russia's Irbit MotorWorks, has just released the Dark Force motorcycle. It won't take you...

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Darth Vader Lightsaber Portable Charger

$49.90 from Brando »

The Jedis may have the Force, but the Dark Side has power. Tons of it. Enough to take your iPhone, Android, or Windows mobile phone from dead to fully juiced and ready for battle. One round with the Darth Vader lightsaber...

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Darth Vader Chair

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Awww, man. The Darth Vader chair is exactly what I've been looking for to replace my busted Xbox lounger (note: some chairs are not meant to be used as trampolines when you get excited during CS. RIP my faux leather friend.)...

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Python Skin Darth Vader Helmet

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If ladies can spend $3,000 on a snakeskin purse, there's no reason I can't spend $3,000 on a snakeskin Darth Vader helmet. Well, there's one reason: ELEMNT is making only one of them. So if my friend Cornelius gets it...

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Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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If Star Wars is on the Ugly Christmas Sweater scene now, I think we need to remove the "Ugly" modifier from the term. How about Star Wars Galactically Awesome Christmas Sweaters instead? Particularly the one spotlighting...

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Darth Vader ToothSaber Toothpick Dispenser

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From oral hygiene to hors d'oeuvres serving, the Dark Lord of the Sith has your back. Exhibiting an unrelenting desire to serve and protect, Darth Vader has traded in his lightsaber for a toothpick. A wad of toothpicks...