Comfi Memory Foam Hoodie

Posted: May 25, 2019
$88 - $117
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What's this, Comfi memory foam hoodie? Like walking around with a mattress strapped to my back? A butt pillow built in to my sweatshirt? Ha! Haha! That sounds ridiculous!

Tell me more. I might want one.

The Comfi Hoodie is an everyday zip-up that looks...basically like an everyday zip-up. Its built-in memory foam padding runs along the back of the hoodie, with panels along the spine, shoulder blades, and lumbar region. Comfi says their design and the memory foam's flexibility make it, true to memory foam form (yuk, yuk, yuk), adherent to the natural curves of your body and virtually invisible during wear.

Comfi Hoodie padding provides back support when you sit on, or lean against hard surfaces, as well as brings some custom ergonomics to any type of chair you use. Benefits of sitting in a Comfi include improved concentration, decreased fatigue, and reduced back pain. Comfi also says their hoodies' lumbar support pads give wearers a sense of weightlessness while standing, walking, and carrying a backpack, which can also contribute to a reduction in stress and crappy moods.

Comfi Hoodies' memory foam sections are sealed in an airtight, waterproof envelope so they are machine washable. Learn more about the Comfi and pledge for one of your own here on Kickstarter through June 27, 2019.

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