Breaking Bad - Heisenberg Pinkman 2012

Posted: February 26, 2012
Heisenberg Pinkman 2012 Shirt
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Breaking Bad fans, your 2012 Election T-shirts are hot off the silk screener. No further explanation needed. Everyone else: yeah, yeah, so Heisenberg and Pinkman make meth. If you believe the conspiracy theorists, the CIA invented crack. And Marion Berry smoked it. We're still cool with them. Washington DC even forgave Berry his dalliances to the point of re-electing him mayor after a stint in prison. See, that's the beauty of America--anyone can become anything...and then totally F it up, and get another chance.

Plus, maybe Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and a federally run meth industry are what America needs. A viable means of skyrocketing our sluggish economy that's overseen by entities with backgrounds in real scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, instead of of the pseudo-science of politics, which mostly teaches its followers how to schmooze, deflect, and bullshit. For once, let's vote for people who will take an approach to running this country that doesn't end with "into the ground." Visionaries with demonstrable skills and proven success. Resourceful capitalists who understand the monetary potential of legalizing hard drugs, and who are capable of creating them in their purest, most coveted form.

Heisenberg and Pinkman. Leaders who can elicit true progress. Or at least aid natural selection in its quest to knock off the losers, idiots, and low lifes who are inhibiting it.

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