Beer Pouch Sweatshirt

Posted: September 02, 2012
Beer Pouch Sweatshirt
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Will you please hold my beer while I check my phone for the precise margin by which I am dominating my fantasy football league? Yeah, I'm talking to my sweatshirt. My mom said it never hurts to be polite. The Beer Pouch Sweatshirt has been a long time coming. Or, I don't know, maybe one has already been here, but I've never seen it. And though Vat19's may not look like a pillar of innovation, consider the following:

This built-in beer koozie is no mere front pocket. It's a straight-up, full-on, marsupial class pouch forged with a strong elastic band and insulating liner. So can and bottle contents stay tightly nestled against the boozer's belly without risk of spillage, and an ice cold, sweaty beer remains ice cold and sweaty, but avoids permeating the sweatshirt material and rendering the adjacent gut ice cold and sweaty as well. Nice, 'ey?

But wait! There's more! Since the pouch part of the Beer Pouch Sweatshirt comprises 30 square inches of protective fun, it can also cradle other vessels typically requiring constant and immediate access, including:

  • Iced tea.
  • Coke and other sodie.
  • A Campbell's Soup can.
  • Cajun seasoning.
  • And--sweet angels singing from above!--whipped cream!

The Beer Pouch Sweatshirt's slouchy design, hood, and raw edging give it a rugged, "What up, yo?" look. Sweatshirts are made from 90% cotton and, just to class things up a little bit more, 10% polyester. Unisex sizing runs from Medium to XXL, though XLs are currently sold out, with an expected return date of November 23, 2012.

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