Bat Hoodie

Posted: March 01, 2013
Bat Hoodie

The Bat Hoodie is what Batman's suit would look like if it were made of 100% cotton and sported a zip front for quick and easy entry. It's what Dark Knights wear when they want to fight evil in comfort and not smell like the inside of a boxing glove when they disrobe to bed the damsel in distress. And speaking of things that reek, what do you get if you cross a comic book hero with onions and garlic?

Super bad breath.

Unfortunately, no, I did not make that up. So I can't retire from the world of comedy quite yet.

Bat Hoodies have bat-winged sleeves and pointy hood ears terrific for Halloween costumes, cosplay attire, and gifts for girls who are BSC. She'll think it's cute and thoughtful; you'll savor the deeper meaning.

Hoodies come in sizes XS through XL.

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