Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Men's Camo Hoodie

Posted: August 27, 2019
Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Men's Camo Hoodie

I think Barefoot Dreams' CozyChic Men's Camo Hoodie will be the coziest and chicest hoodie you'll ever wear in your life. At least it better be for what Barefoot Dreams is charging for the ball o' fluff with a zipper.

The camouflage hoodie comes Carbon and Indigo color schemes, neither of which will provide actual camouflage in any situation I can think of. However, that's not to say Barefoot Dreams has made a bad-looking zip-up here, just that I'd have to try one out - perhaps in the form of a free review sample, Barefoot friends - to know whether or not the Camo Hoodie's hefty price tag is justified.

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