Anatomical Leggings

By: on February 09, 2012
Anatomical Leggings
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Been scouring the racks for pants that display your ass as the true anatomical masterpiece it is? Black Milk Clothing's skin-tight anatomical leggings won't just enhance the curves of your posterior, they'll show off your entire gluteal muscle group. Physical therapists, personal trainers, CrossFit diehards, people who like to mess with TSA officials, please locate your credit cards. You know you want a pair. Anatomical leggings are made in Australia of a polyester/elastane blend, and require hand washing. So, probably not ideal for sweat-intensive activities, such as hot yoga and running from the Muslims you've grossly offended on the streets of Saudi Arabia. But perfect for picking up hot docs at sports medicine conferences, or wearing under a trench coat and flashing at the drunkety drunks hailing taxis at 2 a.m.

Anatomical leggings are a top Dude Gift from the Runway pick.