Acoustically Transparent Hoodie

Posted: July 24, 2014
Acoustically Transparent Hoodie

Audio engineer Nic Pope designed a hoodie for in the studio, on stage, at festivals, and while walking down the street in oversized headphones. He's calling it the Audio Engineer's Hoodie. Pope provides a rundown of special features and reasons why this zip-up trumps all other articles of clothing worn by sound professionals, and human beings who listen to music in general, but I think its defining characteristic is an acoustically transparent hood.

Rather than sticking wearers with the poly/cotton blend that went into the rest of the hoodie, the portions of the hood that cover their ears are fitted with speaker cloth panels. For, according to Pope, "when you need a barrier between you and the world but you still need to mix." Or need to listen to your Beats jams without jamming them inside the hood such that you look like an orangutan.

Pope sees his Audio Engineer's Hoodie as a throwback to the era of black skinny ties and white button-downs--the era when engineers were OK with trading comfort for style. Here he hopes to maintain wearers' comfort with a versatile, breathable jacket, but upgrade the slovenly appearance many behind-the-scenes dudes have adopted in the 21st century with its streamlined black, slightly tailored style. In addition to the acoustic provisions in the hood, hoodie features include:

  • Loop in the left pocket for clipping keys/flashlight/multi-tool/drum key.
  • Twin kangaroo pockets, with headphone pass-through hole (internal headphone routing to the right pocket.
  • Secure pocket on the chest for a thumbdrive or iLok.
  • Pull-out wiring diagram screened on the interior...so you only have to solder once.
  • Interior lined with cassette-themed pattern.

The acoustically transparent hoodie is a top Dude Gift for a Man pick.

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