Zinka Neon Sunscreen

By: on May 28, 2012
$5.21 - $6.50
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Panama Jack left the neon zinc oxide sunscreen game too early. Now that fluorescent orange, yellow, and pink are back--in a full-on, legitimate, non-humorous, non-ironic sort of way no less--I have to give a shout out to the SPF warpaint of 80s fame as well. Zinka claims it is "the original action sports sunscreen company, credited with introducing the first ever colored zinc oxide sunblock!" Over 25 years ago, apparently, but I'd never heard of them. Marketing...or the wiles of Central Americans...always placed the enigmatically monocled Mr. Panama at the top of my list of decorative, sun-shunning face paint in all the colors of the rainbow "Jacked", if you will, up on acid.

Zinka's brilliantly spectral hues range from black and army green, to the electric oranges, yellows, and purples now blinding us daily on the T-shirts, jewelry, and sunglasses of passersby (especially the plastic sunglasses. I can't believe this is for real. It's as if I stepped into the Hot Tub Time Machine.) Zinka makes 11 shades of what they call "Colored Nosecoat" in all.

Zinka Neon Sunscreen contains 25% zinc oxide, and purports to be the best total block available, reflecting the fatal UVA and UVB kisses of the sun, resisting the SPF-stripping caresses of water, and generally transforming its wearers into veritable warriors of summer. Sunscreen comes in 0.6-ounce tubes.

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You Need More Than Balls: Top 10 Water Toys

Beach balls are classic and rectangular rafts still keep you afloat, but the creativity, tech, and fat wallets of today demand a little more of water-based entertainment. Here are my picks for the Top 10 Water Toys of...

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ScopeAround Pore & Intraoral Inspection Camera

$79.99 from Amazon »

And don't think the ScopeAround Fit camera limits you to what's on your skin and inside your mouth. This versatile Wi-Fi video camera and microscope is up for helping you explore all of your orifices. Check to see if...

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TRITON - Human Gills


TRITON, the human gills design concept I showed you dudes here 2 years ago (and which many of you had mucho to say about in our comments section) is running a crowdfunding campaign to actually produce the equpiment. TRITONs....

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Scorkl Handheld SCUBA Tank

$200 - $600 from Kickstarter »

Bite down on a Scorkl and you'll score 10 minutes of untethered underwater breathing. No snorkel confining you to a foot below the water's surface, and no loading up with a 35-pound SCUBA tank and BC like an aquatic pack...

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aRks 3D Printed Bikinis

aRks 3D has prototyped a series of 3D printed bikinis they call Coral. And I know what all the dudes out there are thinking: that's some Coral I'd sure like to come across in the ocean. In stark contrast what's running...

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Baby Foot Human Molting Peel

$21.84 from Amazon »

I don't know what medieval witch magic Baby Foot puts in their Exfoliant Foot Peel to produce the skin-molting effects you see before you but, even though it would make perfect sense here, I promise you it's not snake...

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The Batman Collection

$30 - $100 from Black Milk Clothing »

Black Milk Clothing's Batman Collection has a Batsuit for every type of crime a girl could want to fight. For example, not looking hot. Or not showing enough leg. Not showing enough cleavage. Not wearing a belted Bat-Signal...

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Sharkini Swimsuit

$120 from Bad Aby Designs »

Sharks are scary. Girls are scary. Gaaahhh! It's the worst hybrid ever! To all Dude Facebook readers who expressed sentiments of peeved off at our posting of a Sharkini photo without information about where to throw wads...

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Sun Token Solar Vaporizer Hybrid

$135 from Sun Token »

Wonder if my dermatologist would approve of this kind of baking in the sun. The Sun Token is a solar vaporizer hybrid. A handmade pipe with removable glass dome, it harnesses the sun's rays to to vape your herbs and mellow...

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Sexy Chest Swimsuit

$59.95 from Amazon »

A sexy man chest to caress and a sexy swimsuit to wear to your next pool outing - talk about having your cake and eating it too, ladies. Good for more than just a few laughs or you next gag gift, the Sexy Chest Swimsuit...

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Modpools - Shipping Container Swimming Pools

$26,900 from Modpools »

Rather the seal him inside a shipping container bound for Abu Dhabi, why not fill that shipping container with water and let Odie dog paddle around inside it with you this summer? Dig up a big hole in your backyard, and...

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AquaClimb Poolside Water Walls

Does AquaClimb's addition of a swimming pool to the bottom of a rock climbing wall make the activity less or more likely to score me a ride in an ambulance? Less because when I inevitably fall--repeatedly--I will hit...