Whiskey Dick Lube

Posted: January 31, 2014
Whiskey Dick Lube
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Who likes the taste of whiskey? OK, all men put your hands down. Now? Hmmm, all women over the age of 40...no, I'll go 50...and with the exception of Christie Brinkley...put your hands down. So that leaves, what, like 7 of you? Perfect. It just so happens 7 is also the number of days in a week I would like to put this Whiskey Dick lube to use.

Whiskey Dick whiskey-flavored lube is water-based, hand-crafted, manufactured in America, and made by--wait for it--EpicMealTime. There's really nothing else left to say. Oh, except that it won a Triple Gold Medal Award at the 10th Annual Great American Sex & Drinking Festival in Bean Station, Tennessee and the Quadruple Gold Medal at the Pan-European Schmiermittel Festival in East Berlin, Germany.

"Schmiermittel" means "lubricant." They have entire festivals of sex & drinking and lubricant.

I think it's about time I checked out the progressive townships of Bean Station and East Berlin.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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