What Happened Bandages?

By: on October 26, 2012
What Happened Bandages?
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Nothing like a little colorful latex with cockamamie explanations of what you did to require bandage coverage to make paper cuts, minor dicing mishaps, and drunken tumbles look a little more admirable. Each box of What Happened? Bandages includes 15 assorted first aid adhesives pronouncing injuries a result of a "Shark Bite," "Ninja Fight," "Dance Off," or "Jousting." You know, I'm just too ethical for these. I can't tell tall tales about my cuts and scrapes. So can I just get a full set of "Ninja Fights," please?

What Happened? Bandages measure a standard 3" wide x 3/4" high, and are imported. Hopefully from somewhere that will not give you something more injurious than that which you are trying to cover up.