Tattly Designer Temporary Tattoos

Posted: July 01, 2014
Tattly Designer Temporary Tattoos
$5 - $15
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I think I want to get permanently inked with: a pair of pliers; a pirate ship; a snarling grizzly bear; and a soft-serve ice cream cone, but I'd like to test drive them for a couple days before finalizing the decision. Crafted by professional, independent artists who receive a percentage of every sale, Tattly's designer temporary tattoos crush their gumball machine competition in detail, selection, and quality, and make for handy additions to costume parties, cosplay events, restless children, and attempts to pick up girls with fresh produce fetishes.

Tattly tattoos are all US-made from non-toxic, vegetable-based ink, and shipped from Brooklyn, NY. They are FDA-compliant for all ages. Most applied designs last between 2 and 4 days; all are waterproof and fine for wear in showers and swimming pools.

In addition to their ever-expanding store of tattoo designs, Tattly will also work with customers to create custom tattoos for special events and brand marketing.

Tattly Designer Temporary Tattoos are a top Dude Gift for a Kid and Gift for Halloween pick.

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