Speech Ring Articulation Refinement Tool

Posted: August 12, 2017
Speech Ring Articulation Refinement Tool
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The Speech Ring will not help wearers choose their words more wisely (sad!) but the articulation refinement tool will train them to speak those that do come out more clearly. It's a new attempt to cure mush mouth.

The old attempt to cure mush mouth was a wine cork between the front teeth (TIL!) But apparently that can cause jaw tension and pain, so the Speech Ring's creators came up with a more comfy and relaxed device to help you or, weeee! super fun gift for your kids alert, talk with the clarity and diction of a Toastmasters pro.

Made from the same material as a night guard, the Speech Ring will mold to the shape of your mouth with wear. Speak normally with the ring in place and you'll have to work real hard on your enunciation for others to understand you. Over time, this effort should pay off as crystal clear, mumble-free communication when the Speech Ring is removed.

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