Penis Tuxedo

By: on January 22, 2016
  • Penis Tuxedo
  • Penis Tuxedo
  • Penis Tuxedo
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How long has it been since someone said your penis looks "dapper?" For me, the answer is an emphatic "too long." The same goes for "snazzy," "handsome," and "just like Jon Hamm." I can only hope LELO's new TUX, a penis tuxedo, is here to turn all Dowdy Dicks into Dashing Richards.

A TUX isn't a mere Willy Warmer. It's a sophisticated garment, a classy piece of couture designed for all of the special events and awards (rewards?) shows your penis gets invited to. It's the perfect piece of gentleman's intimate apparel, and the perfect way to give yourself or your Valentine the confidence to stand tall and proud. All...night...long.

And, as sexy luck would have it, the LELO TUX is available not only in time for Valentine's Day, but also in conjunction with Dude's latest giveaway, the LELO TIANI 24K luxury couple's vibrator. Click here to enter the giveaway, and also to snag a coupon code for 20% off all LELO purchases. Even better news: while you can purchase the TUX on its own for $29.95, you can also claim it as a free gift from LELO when you spend $120 or more in their online store.

The formal wear for your man of leisure is made of satin and has bowtie, button, and boutonniere embellishments. Slip it on and hold it in place with a band that sits behind "the male undercarriage." One size fits all. Allegedly.