Menaji CAMO Concealer for Men

By: on August 07, 2017
$26 - $29
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Dudes, Menaji's CAMO Concealer for men will cover zits, dark under-eye circles, razor bumps, scars, and age spots to make you look like a pretty pony. With a side of fragrance-free so you won't smell like a pretty pony who's been nosing through his girlfriend's makeup drawer.

CAMO Concealer comes in 6 skin tone colors to match a full spectrum of male complexions, and stores in a lip balm-sized stick applicator in case you want to take it with you for post-makeout or post-nervous sweat touchups.

Menaji male-centric beauty and grooming products are hypoallergenic and vitamin-infused. The CAMO Concealer also has SPF 8 protection, but I'm pretty sure 8 is next to nothing these days, so you might want to throw some real sunscreen on before it so all those red, blue, and brown spots you're trying to CAMO conceal don't get darker.

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ScopeAround Pore & Intraoral Inspection Camera

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And don't think the ScopeAround Fit camera limits you to what's on your skin and inside your mouth. This versatile Wi-Fi video camera and microscope is up for helping you explore all of your orifices. Check to see if...

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Pinky Queen Nipple Lightener (NSFW)

I understand that Pinky Queen nipple...pinkener?...is a boobie beauty tincture developed with a female customer base in mind. And I definitely think females with nipples that are splotchy, unsavorily-hued, or look like...

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Tanda Zap Acne Clearing Device

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Temporary Eye Tattoos

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I can't tell if these temporary tattoos are attractive or look like someone taped a doily to your eye, but I think girls will like them, so as a nod to girls, I'm going to award Man Nga Liu's makeup alternatives relatively...

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Pregnant Belly Painting Kit

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I don't know how I feel about painting pregnant bellies for public display. Well, maybe it would be cool if one were painted with waves and then the small human being inside started kicking and fighting to get out and...

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Black Light Makeup

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If you can resign yourself to wearing a face (or body) full of lime green makeup when the boring yellow lights are on, get ready to blow minds when the sexy black ones take over. Fluorescing in brilliant neon hues under...

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Eyelash Jewelry

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Ma'am, I think you've got something in your eye. Let me just...holy crap! Did you get attacked by an albino peacock? Or did your mom, uh, get frisky with one? What? Ocular embellishments? Eyelash jewelry? Isn't it uncomfortable...

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Lipstick Pepper Spray

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Pucker up, 'cause this big, fat, sloppy, wet one's landing right in the kisser! Ladies, we know all of your lip services are killer, but add a tube of lipstick pepper spray to your beauty routine, and they'll also be...