Deo Body Odor Candy

Posted: May 23, 2014
Deo Body Odor Candy

Bulgaria. That's the inspiration, the origin, the country we have to thank for Deo, a candy that makes you sweat roses. The Valley of the Roses sits between the Balkan and Sredna Gora mountain ranges in central Bulgaria, and every year from May to June, the picking season peaks and the fragrance of a small area that alone produces 85% of the world's rose oil wafts into the neighboring towns. The Bulgarians give the smells 2 thumbs up. And apparently feel it smells way better than they do, so they they took the rose scent and "bottled" it into the same types of individually-wrapped hard candies we normally eat in peppermint, root beer, and butterscotch forms.

Deo tastes sweetly of roses. More importantly, the mad scientist candy permeates skin from the inside, exuding outward as soon as its partakers begin to perspire. US importer Ecodeum describes the aromatizing effect as a light, fresh fragrance. And while can't say that rose-scented sweat will appeal to all noses, I'm guessing it will appeal to more noses than B.O.-scented sweat.

From the pink box and (incredibly hot) Eastern European girl munching on a rose petal for Deo candies, it appears the company's target deodorizing audience is ladies. However, one thing I know about ladies is that they love flowers and every time I see one receive or pass some they bury their faces in them, taking deep, dramatic inhales and exclaiming, OMG, they smell sooo gooood! I would not mind a lady doing this to me. I think I will eat some Deo candy too.

Deo candy is a top Dude Gift for a Woman pick.

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