CUR Smart Band-Aid for Pain Relief

By: on June 21, 2015
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Your watch, your light bulbs, even your fork is smart now, so why not your band-aid? Especially when CUR (pronounced "cure" like a remedy, not "cur" like a mongrel dog) isn't smart because it simply makes your life more convenient, it's smart because it makes your life less painful. CUR's creators say their bandage relieves pain in the same way that painkillers do, by blocking your nerves' ability to send pain signals to your brain, but without any side effects, and without the need to pop pills.

Our nerve receptors make us aware that we've sustained an injury, or that things aren't quite right at a certain area of our body, through electrical signals jetted to the brain. For better or worse, these signals translate as pain. To intercept and mute the signals, CUR uses smart biosensors built into the small nub on its adhesive base to measure muscle vibrations and push back electrical pulses that block the pain signals.

CUR is based on TENS therapy, a method many doctors use to treat back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain, plus many types of chronic pain. However, the machines that deliver the most effective, assuaging waveforms are large, expensive, and require medical supervision to use. CUR hopes to produce the same results with none of these holdbacks. The band-aid guarantees it will administer advanced TENS waveforms to areas of pain at home, on the move, or any time you need it.

CUR is appropriate for use on most types of chronic muscle, nerve, or joint pain located below the head, including back pain, arthritic pain, and fibromyalgia. Those interested in trying the smart band-aid have the opportunity to contribute to the CUR crowdfunding campaign, in place to help the company manufacture the product. Anticipated delivery is December 2015 (pending FDA clearance). The CUR package includes a CUR sensor, 2 packs of Gel Bands (for use during athletic activities, a charging case, cable, and adapter, and instructions for setup. CUR also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee for anyone who does not find it effective.

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