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Velomacchi Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack

$269 from Amazon »

Velomacchi's Roll-Top Waterproof Backpack has motorcycles in mind, but isn't just for motorcycles. The bag will cover you, or rather, cover your goods and gear, on any type of bike you ride, and over any type of terrain...

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G-RO Smart Luggage & Backpacks

$129 - $279 from G-RO »

G-RO made its first go at conquering the hassles of bag packing and bag schlepping a couple of years ago with the G-RO Carry-on. After a successful crowdfunding campaign and production run for the lone piece of luggage...

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Amabilis Dave Jr. Waterproof Duffel Bag

$139 from Amazon »

Weekend adventurers, consider welcoming Dave Jr. to your family. The little tyke version of Amabilis' Dave Duffel is a bag built to stay strong and dry when you want to travel hard and light....

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Zippelin Inflatable Truck Tarp Travel Bag

$505 from Freitag »

A recycled truck tarp, a couple bike tire tubes, and Zippelin-doo-dah - you've got an inflatable travel bag. A big and sturdy travel bag whose "frame" blows up light as a Bud when you need it, and then empties out so...

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TUMI CFX Southington Carbon Fiber Backpack

$1,100 from Amazon »

It's not bulletproof, but TUMI's Southington Backpack does have a carbon fiber construction and ID Lock features strong enough to protect your tech and gear from the dangers of the daily commute....

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Wolverine Pack Self-Healing Utility Bag

$59 - $75 from Slughaus »

If you're thinking, "What the Thoros of Myr is a self-healing utility bag?" like I was when I first saw the Wolverine Pack, check out this GIF of a dude stabbing the bag with a spike

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Handbag Dyetonator Bag & Purse Thief Marker

Malaysian company Ash Be Nimble launched the Handbag Dyetonator, an accessory that permanently marks thieves with dye and releases a smoke flare upon activation, because bag and purse theft is apparently a huge problem...

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FlexSafe Packable Travel Vault

Sold Out from Amazon »

Why a FlexSafe? Because of that one time when I was Floaty Pantsin' around a pool full of women's beach volleyball players and didn't notice some punk kid snatch my bag. My wallet. My phone. My keys. My Ziplocs of granola...

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The Undercover - Changing Room in a Backpack

$69 - $75 from The Undress »

The streakers, flashers, and proud displayers of crack of the world will probably take offense at The Undercover, but for the rest of us, a portable changing room that carries our change of, or changed-out-of, clothes...

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Dino Case - T-Rex Lunch Box & Carrier

$34.94 from Amazon »

No one will steal your lunch--or your maker tools, or your stash--ever again with T-Rex guarding it. The Dino Case from Suck UK uses the impenetrable strength of beastly prehistoric jaw to protect your most beloved PB&Js....

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Matador Waterproof Packable Backpack

$65.23 from Amazon »

Matador is known for their ability to make big stuff little, and stuff it into even littler stuff. The Pocket Blanket. The Droplet Wet Bag. And, here, the FreeRain24 Waterproof Packable Backpack....

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Megamouth Tool Bag with Integrated Speaker

$94.12 from Amazon »

If you like a little EDM or NPR paired with the sounds of your power drill and hand saw, Custom Leathercraft Tech Gear's stereo speaker tool bag has both your gear and your ears covered. The 18" carrier features a Megamouth...

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Bluesmart One Smart Luggage

Sold Out from Amazon »

In theory the Bluesmart One is the most versatile suitcase you can drag behind you through the airport terminal and plop down next you at the gate. The piece of smart luggage has built-in niftiness that allows it to connect...

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Lowepro Drone Backpacks

$82.21 - $237.44 from Amazon »

Whoa. Is that dude going to fly his drone or catch some ghosts in a proton beam? Lowepro did not skimp on the drama and intrigue during its drone backpack photoshoot. Who is this mysterious quadcopter pilot with the excessively...

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Voyager Insulated Meal Management Bag

$224 - $299.99 from Amazon »

If you're prepared to mule up, 6 Pack Fitness will make sure you never miss a macro again. In addition to the standard compartments for a laptop and EDC accessories for your workday, their Voyager 500 Backpack contains...

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TUMI CFX Carbon Fiber Backpack

Sold Out from Amazon »

Now this is the kind of back-to-school backpack I'm talkin' about. Pure carbon fiber and leather on the outside, canvas with leather lining on the inside, plenty of storage, slim profile. And a bargain at under $1,000!...

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My Hitch Hands-Free Bag Dragger

$17.95 from My Hitch »

They have Smart Luggage with built-in GPS, remote locking, and battery charging capabilities...for $440. They also have hands-free luggage that follows along beside you remotely, linked to a bracelet on your wrist, and...

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Boblbee Biker Backpack

$278.99 - $294.97 from Amazon »

Boblbee packs have got your back. Sure, these roomy, hard-shell travelers protect the gear you stash inside them, but their high-impact ABS curves and "Master Class" Level 2 rating also protects the other important thing...

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KUIU Carbon Fiber Hunting Backpacks

$99.99 - $499.98 from Kuiu »

KUIU packs are for the sportier of the sportsmen out there. You who like to get off the main drags and hike in for your hunts. Even more, they're for those of you who feel like if your pack's gonna weigh you down, it...

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100% Waterproof Duffel Bag

$148.95 from Amazon »

The white waters of a raft trip, the salty spray of ocean waves in a kayak, the downpour of summer storms on your Hawaiian vacation. Whether it's expected or arrives WTF-style, when life gives you water, make...sure you've...

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Inventive Travelware Luggage Tags

$5 from Amazon »

Know what's even better than waiting 2 hours to get through security at the airport? Waiting 2 hours to get through security, having a turbulence-filled flight a row in front of a crying baby and kicking toddler, waiting...

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Beeracuda Over-the-Shoulder Beer Holder

$24.95 from Amazon »

Sweeeeet! With the Beeracuda I can carry a 6-pack of Yuengling over my shoulder so my hands are free to carry a 12-pack of Bud Light Lime! This insulated beer sling from Burton keeps 5 cans of your favorite brew (or sodie)...

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Savage Supply Co. Leo Bag

Guess what lucky SOB just scored one of Savage Supply Co.'s new Leo bag? That's right. This guy. You can turn the thumbs that are currently pointing at me around to yourself though. The handcrafted Leo canvas and full-grain...

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Maxpedition Soloduffel Adventure Bag

$143.23 - $160.67 from Amazon »

The Soloduffel is called such because it's all about you. Your carry-on. Your gym gear. Your overnight accoutrements. No expandable pouch for gifts for your mama. No, "Oh can I just stick my straightening iron and 4 extra...

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Roadster Seatback Luggage

Sold Out from Amazon »

You don't need a back seat if you've got a Seatback. Roadtrip Luggage has developed this clever use of space for weekend, overnight, or even day trip travelers who want to make the most of the limited storage in their...

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Code Alpha Hybrid Garment / Duffel Bag

$76.90 from Amazon »

The Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel Bag gives you a way to keep your dapper garments all pressed and tidy without revealing to the rest of the world that you give two pleats about keeping your dapper garments all pressed...

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Portable Travel Footrest

$18.90 from Amazon »

I used to stuff a wad of clothes I knew I'd need during my trip in my carry-on backpack so that I could use it as a footrest on the plane. But recently I discovered that if I put the overstuffed backpack on my open tray...

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Mad Water Waterproof Duffel Bag

$152.95 from Amazon »

Mad Water makes companions for fishing trips, kayak trips, rafting trips, and trips to Hawaii, where it invariably rains the entire week I'm there. And never harder than when I'm watching my bag sit on an open luggage...

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Cravar Leather Journals & Tote Bags

$35 - $239 from Cravar »

Cravar creators Yoki Baskara and Rama Luhur began their leather journey with a trip and a kick. Baskara took an interest in the textile during a backpacking adventure to Italy, after which he began designing and fabricating...

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Pelican Elite Vacationer Luggage

$485 - $545 from Amazon »

Pelican defines cold with their coolers, crushes it (by way of resisting all infiltration and impact!) with their crush-proof backpacks, and now armors your garments, gifts, and gear for their journey into the vortex...

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G-RO Carry-on: The One Bag

$279 - $378 from G-RO »

While the greedy, unchecked executives of the airline industry continue to make flying more difficult, expensive, and miserable for their own profits, private companies like Ostrich and G-RO are developing ways to make...

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Witzman Retro Canvas Duffel Bag

$58.25 - $64.58 from Amazon »

In the hand, over the shoulder, across the body, on the back...nothing but no sweat. The Witzman canvas duffel bag is both pleasing to the retro eye, and versatile in its portability. Made of cotton canvas and polyurethane...

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5.11 Tactical Overwatch Carry On

Sold Out from Amazon »

What's your day looking like? Office or forest? Typing or pulling the trigger? 5.11 Tactical's Overwatch Carry On bag was designed to carry your suit. And when you don't need your suit, it will wrap up and secure your...

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Filson Dry Duffel Bag

Sold Out from Amazon »

If you hate the thought of exposing your gear to water, dust, sand, and zippers then Filson's dry duffel might be the bag for you. The pictured mid-size version is made of polyester coated in vinyl for complete weather...

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Slim Water Repellent Laptop Backpack

Sold Out from Amazon »

Backpacks usually remind me of school. Ugh. One thing I do not miss is school. Granted, work is a buzzkill too. The grind of the rat race, my incredibly taxing job of trolling the Internet for stuff to spend money on....

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Voodoo Tactical Men's Mojo Load-Out Bag

$102.80 - $143.30 from Amazon »

Eleven different exterior pouches, with enough PALS webbing to attach, like, 87 more. And a set of backpack straps for lugging the duffel along your vertebrae. Seems like Voodoo Tactical's Mojo Load-Out Bag is good news...

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Matador Droplet Wet Bag

$14.99 from Matador »

Matador, King of Compaction, has added the Droplet to its growing list of items that unfold from really small to really useful. Have you seen their Pocket Blanket? It condenses a 55" x 44" swath of ground cover into a...

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ShelfPack Suitcase

$350 from ShelfPack »

ShelfPack may not be quite big enough to hold your kitchen sink, but it can hold an entire set of shelves. Talk about expandable luggage. Take stacks of items from your dresser or closet organizer and restack them just...

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Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

$159.95 - $199.95 from Amazon »

Who's going somewhere awesome this summer? South America? Lollapalooza? The weekend cabin? Your friend Cornelius' friend Donnie's backyard swimmin' hole? If you're traveling, the best companion you can take is arguably...

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GOBAG Vacuum Compressible Carry-On

$164 - $203 from GOBAG »

You could just get some of those Ziploc vacuum travel bags to pair with the Hoover in sucking out all the air from your clothes, but GOBAG would like to make a case for pledging your support to their carry-on duffel and...

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Duluth Bushcrafter Pack

$415 from Amazon »

Going Bushcrafter is pricey. Is it worth it? Someone who can get past the pricey part (i.e., someone other than myself) will have to provide the full report on Duluth's Bushcrafter Pack, but in the interim, I can tell...

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Gonex Lightweight Foldable Backpack

$18.99 from Amazon »

Gonex made a backpack you can fold up and pack in a backpack. Or, I guess more realistically, a suitcase you're taking to Asia that your lady can then unfold and fill with a thousand dollars worth of tchotchkes for the...

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Betabrand Storrist Pack

$115.20 from Beta Brand »

Currently sloshing around in Betabrand's Think Tank*: the Storrist Pack, by professional photographer, cyclist, and Scotsman Sandy Carson. In answer to the call of his own EDC needs, Carson created a backpack that can...

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Captain America Shield Backpack

$59.99 from ThinkGeek »

School's out for summer. But school is not out forever. Sorry. Alice Cooper lied. I also hear the Age of Ultron is coming. Followed by a Civil War. Better gather your EDC pens, notebooks, and laptops and shield up!...

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Rolo Space-Saving Travel Bag

$44.99 from Amazon »

With the exception of rich, chewy caramel you can pretty much stuff the Rolo with anything you want to take on your travels and trust that the portable wardrobe will condense the items into their most compact, most portable...

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Black Ember Modular Backpacks

$180 - $265 from Black Ember »

If James Bond needed a backpack to tote his textbooks and laptop to physics class, I bet a Black Ember is what he'd choose. Modular, waterproof, and very, very black, these bags are customizable with an array of accessories...

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Wine Purse

$22.95 from Amazon »

So is this why women carry around purses the size of their chest cavities? They're packing 3 liters of wine (with complete tapping system!) everywhere they go?...

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OGIO Ascent Backpack

$99.99 from OGIO »

I think I could collect backpacks like some people collect Rolexes or Lambos. Because I love all of their zippers and pockets and organization of life compartments. And because I'm not some sort of flashy high roller....

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Shrine Sneaker Duffel

$185 from The Shrine »

Dirty, germy shoes nestled against your white shirts and boxer briefs. Not cool. Neither is cramming your sneakers in a bag's slim outer pocket and having them come back out all misshapen and degraded. In response to...

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R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage

$79.99 from ThinkGeek »

Obviously they made the R2-D2 luggage a carry-on because as a checked bag it would immediately be stolen by some bag handler or TSA fanboy. I mean that's what I would do anyway. Since I'm generally a swell guy I wouldn't...

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Bluesmart Connected Carry-On Bag

$235 from Bluesmart »

What we have on our hands could be the Coolest Cooler of the travel industry. Bluesmart is a hard-shelled carry-on bag with Bluetooth connectivity that will enable you toting trip goers to do things like lock and unlock...

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Leggage Foot Massaging Laptop Case

$79.99 from Leggage »

A laptop case for frequent travelers, the few inches of of tipi-ed bulk Leggage adds to its frame says it will elevate, massage, and assuage your restless feet and legs during miserable, interminable flights (i.e., all...

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Door to Bag End - Hobbit-Hole Leather Bag

$170 from Etsy »

Bag End has had a long and distinguished life. First the hobbit-hole served as home to Bilbo Baggins. Then Frodo. Then Sam and Rosie and however many generations of Gamgees plowed on in the Hobbiton after them. And now...

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3D Printed Voronoi Bag

$110.92 from Shapeways »

Voronoi diagrams are a mathematical means of division. Once a set region is established the Voronoi-er plants points, or seeds, on it to divide the region into smaller regions, or Voronoi cells. Each seed has its own...

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PACT Threadless, Glueless Leather Cases

$35 - $400 from PACT »

Sometimes the real bells and whistles are the removal of the bells and whistles altogether. PACT's swell wallets, device cases, and satchels are a complete line of laser-cut and hand-woven, folded, and finished pieces...

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Cross-Body Packs

$33.97 - $35.99 from Amazon »

Is it acceptable for a straight male to wear a cross-body pack? Not on his chest like he's Alan-satcheling it for the day or Mr. Mom schlepping around his kid, but across his back? Because I have a lot of weed and Pringles...

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Runnur Hands Free Carry-All

Sold Out from Amazon »

The Hands Free Carry-All. It's like Chewbacca's bandolier meets Alan's satchel...but neither as sweet as the former nor as wholly emasculating as the latter. Runnur's shoulder-slung essentials tote somehow neutralizes...

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GoPlug Powered Bags

$129 - $399 from Kickstarter »

I kind of like the idea of sitting on a park bench with a backpack sporting an electrical outlet. Typing away on a laptop plugged into something that once carried books, but now carries a 115v, 60Hz device capable of...

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Combat Daddy Equipment Diaper Bag

$119.95 from Amazon »

The Combat Daddy Equipment diaper bag: no Skoda Man Pram is complete without one. Combat Daddy Equipment's Model 1 carry-all for fathers who drew the short straw and have to take their kids to the park...or stay at home...

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TARDIS Backpack


Imagine how much stuff you could cram inside a TARDIS backpack. A laptop, a tablet, and an entire XBox. Enough gear and clothing for a 2-week backpacking trip through Nepal. At least 4 cases of beer plus, like, 20 pounds...

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Pelican Crushproof Backpacks

$75 - $350 from Amazon »

Defense wins games. (Right, Peyton?) Defensive driving prevents accidents. Proof of self-defense averts jail time. And a Pelican crushproof barrier defending your laptop against fat Aunt Jan tripping over a strap of the...

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Pleasure Products Organizer

$29 - $69 from Kickstarter »

This one's for the ladies. I think. It's hard to keep track of who likes what anymore....

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Pug Bag

$38.90 from Etsy »

Obviously all women who carry a pug bag are certifiably crazy, but I think it should also be a rule of logic that all certifiably crazy women carry a pug bag. You know, as demarcation. So that we're fairly warned before...

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Sizzle Strapz Leather Bags

$249 - $1,499 from Etsy »

Rich Bhata hand smiths all Sizzle Strapz bags in his St. Charles, IL shop from genuine cow hide and American buffalo. I've never felt the desire to lovingly stroke a cow or buffalo before--just devour them in ground and...

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The Beast Duffel Bag

$995 from Amazon »

What makes a duffel bag a beast? Bigness. Ruggedness. Resilience. What makes a duffel bag The Beast? According to Saddleback Leather, all of the above, plus a 100-year warranty (yes, that's one hundred), a mere 3 seams...

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Bloody Cleaver Purse

Sold Out from Amazon »

Ladies, I dare anyone to try to rip you off or cut up your credit cards or even look at you in a way you do not find pleasing when you're carrying one of these babies. From the butcher's block to the sewing machine, nothing...

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Defender Anti-Theft Backpack

By: Quirky »

Due to my hulking presence and penetrating stare, people usually know better than to try and steal...or touch...or come within 10 feet of my stuff. But I'll grant that theft, and pickpocketing in particular, is a worldwide...

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Cocoon Go Go Gadget Pack

$79.99 from Cocoon »

Geez, here's a backpack that has as many fancy names associated with it as it does fancy pockets for holding gadgets. Organization brand Cocoon (that's #1) has released its SLIM (#2) tech backpack with MacBook Pro (#3)...

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Henty Wingman Suit Commuter Bag

$189 from Amazon »

This Goose protects suits from wrinkles and creases, totes tablets, and staves off the rain. Provided you don't fall off your bike or back into something while walking and kill him too. The Henty Wingman, a heavy-duty...

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Grenade Coin Pouch

Sold Out from Amazon »

I knew with a little help from the Internet it wouldn't take long to find an answer to my question of what am I going to do with all of the grenades I stockpiled in anticipation of the end of the world that did not happen....

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Washing Machine Suitcase

$152 from PrezzyBox »

At first I thought this was an actual washing machine/suitcase combo. Like for moms to tote around and use to instantly remove the spit-up and dirt and, in my case, Bloody Marys, from their kids' perpetually soiled clothes....

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Cartoon Bags

Nope, they're not drawings, they're not Photoshopped, and they don't exist only in the realms of Cool World and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Cartoon Bags, by JumpFromPaper's dynamically creative, Taipei-based designers Chay...

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Zombie Survival Kit Messenger Bag

$39.95 from »

While I'll probably just use my Zombie Survival Kit Messenger Bag to carry, like, books and Funyuns, I'm hoping that when the actual Zombie Apocalypse hits, nests of walking dead that are considering chasing me down to...

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Basketball Backpack

$24.95 from »

Much to the agony of the kids who have to go back and the ecstasy of the parents who get to send them, it's time to start thinking about school. Painful for young'uns in every way, less their opportunity to rake in a...

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Vintage Style Medic Messenger Bag

$16.99 from Amazon »

These messenger bags are really getting out of hand. Do guys really have that much crap to carry around? I guess if you're a guy who has to carry around his sketch pad or idea book and an apple or some shit all day, this...