Korin HiPack - Easy-Wipe Backpack

Posted: April 30, 2020
Korin HiPack - Anti-Theft, Easy-Wipe Backpack

Korin doesn't promote their HiPack as an easy-to-clean, disinfectant-friendly backpack...yet. Having made the bag pre-covid-19, Korin focuses on its minimalist, smooth shell design, anti-theft locking features, scientific storage system, built-in charging system, and water-repellent fabric.

But I have to figure once we start testing out normal life again - going back to work, riding public transit, flying on planes, working out in gyms, any number of activities we wouldn't previously haven given a second thought - we'll be a lot more conscious of our interactions. A lot more aware of the germs we may be picking up and spreading. A lot more diligent about cleaning ourselves and our gear. And when I look at the Korin HiPack, I see a piece of gear that looks a helluva lot easier to wipe down with an anti-bacterial, anti-viral solution than my puffy, porous, polyester Jansport.

I'd say the same applies, to an even greater extent, to Solid Gray's hardshell backpacks, but they cost at least twice as much.

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