Wocket Smart Wallet

By: on May 23, 2014
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Is that a Wocket in your pocket, or are you just expecting me to pay for dinner? Like the Coin card consolidator, Wocket is an electronic wallet replacement that stores personal information from all of your credit and debit cards--or any other dynamic stripe card--to trim the fat of carrying multiple bulky plates, provide a single card for making payments with any card, and keep sensitive data locked and safe from all but its authorized user.

"Lock it with Wocket in your pocket." Creators NXT-ID, Inc. call their Wocket an electronic vault. Once users swipe cards into its database during the setup process, the information is encrypted with for exclusive access via voice command and/or a PIN or programmed pattern. The company asserts that its wallet is 100% safe from RF skimming, and that even if a Wocket is stolen, the data is entirely inaccessible to anyone without its owner's biometric stamp of usage approval.

RF skimming is deterred by Wocket's zeroization process. After each use of a stored card for payment, the Wocket is completely zeroized--it "reads" as if no cards exist at all. So no further RF blocking is required with its use because a skimmer would have no indication there are cards available to skim. To activate a card, Wocket requires the authorization combination of a PIN/pattern and voicematch. Once an owner is verified as legit, he or she can select the soft-card information Wocket should activate from its touchscreen display and, if necessary, use the wallet's included single, dynamically programmable card to swipe a payment.

In addition to swiping stripe cards into the Wocket system, users can also scan or manually enter cards with barcodes and text, such as voter's registration, insurance, and loyalty/membership cards. This information is encrypted with the same PIN and biometric stamp as payment cards.

Wocket says it is primarily different (better) than other digital wallets because it requires no connectivity or cloud access to select cards and make payments.

NXT-ID, Inc. will begin accepting advanced orders for the Wocket after 5:00 p.m. ET on May 28, 2014.

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