Water Misting Fan with Carabiner Clip

Posted: March 11, 2015
Carabiner Water Misting Fan
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I filed this water misting fan under Style --> Accessories because even though the O2 Cool companion was primarily made to provide some quick and instant relief on a hot day, making it more of an Outdoors --> Tools, I think it will also come in handy when I'm workin' the room at night and want to slick up my hair or give my complexion that dewy, sexy, yes-she-would-absolutely-like-to-go-back-to-my-place look.

Other than that multi-functional use, what you see of the mini misting fan with belt loop/backpack carabiner clip is pretty much what you get. It uses 1 x AA battery and can operate on a fan only setting, or with the Cool Mist option. It's just 3" in size and features soft foam blades that probably won't put your eye out or hack off the soft cartilage on your nose when you invariably hold it too close to your face. And despite its plastic-y nature and circus-y colors, the misting fan gets a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars from nearly 100 Amazon reviewers.

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