Upton Handmade Belts

Posted: October 03, 2015
Upton Handmade Belts
$110 - $130
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"American leather, Italian tanning, Texan hands." Upton Belts launched its online brand of custom-sized not-accessories just this year. The company hopes men (and women!) who wear their designs will discover they can love a belt as much as they love their watches, phones, and children.

OK. Maybe not as much as their phones.

Upton sources all of its leather from American ranches, and has Italy take care of the tanning. From there the guys hand-cut, hand-punch, and hand-stitch every belt into beltness from their El Paso shop, customizing buyers' sizes and individually numbering each finished product. The results: Duke; Ward; and Knox.

Duke is Upton's Dress belt. Smooth and sophisticated, it comes in 10 to 12-ounces of full-grain Chocolate, Black, or Cognac leather, and is fitted with a solid brass buckle. It measures 1-1/8" thick. The sporty Ward is 1-3/8" thick, made of Black, Vanilla, or Green canvas stitched onto 9-ounce Chocolate leather, and affixed with an Old English brass buckle. And the Knox, Upton's casual issue, i sal 1-3/8" wide, and constructed from soft-touch Black, Chocolate, or Cognac leather.

All Upton Belts arrive expertly packaged and displayed in a classy gift box. They include a stainless steel punch tool and microfiber travel case.

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