Trakline Fits-Like-a-Glove Belt

Posted: May 15, 2013
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When it comes to pants positioning, waistline aesthetics, and--most importantly--gut comfort, 1/4" can make a huge difference. Traklines banish the meager five, 1"-spaced holes of traditional belts from their full-grain leather strips, and replace them with a secure Trak system boasting 40 sizing positions at 1/4" increments. The result: a perfect fit at my precise waist size, whether it's Liquid Diet Monday or Chicken & Waffles Saturday.

The Trakline belt system's series of grooved notches also make sure that once the buckle latches on (via a small tab at its underside), it both stays put over the course of the day, and fares better over the years, as there are no holes to stretch out, wear, or deform.

Trakline belts will accept Kickstarter pledges through June 9, 2013. Brown and black leather belts in 4 different buckle styles are currently available. Buckles are all silver because gold is for necks and teeth, not bellybuttons, yo.

December 2013 Update: Trakline Belts far exceeded their crowdfunding goal and are now available for direct purchase--follow the link below.

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