The Tempus "Who's Buyin'?" Spin Coin

By: on February 21, 2017
$43 - $181
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Coin flipping is so Ancient Rome*. The Tempus offers a fresh spin on recruiting the fates to help us make decisions and settle arguments today. A spin that's more contemporary, more in line with our current obsession with fidget toys, and, crucially, more accommodating to those of us whose hand-eye coordination is inversely proportional to the number of drinks we've had. Because J.L. Lawson & Co. created the Tempus Spin Coin to determine the answer to one very important question: Who's buyin' the next round?

Or, better, who's picking up the whole tab?

Tempus Spin Coins are minted with a scene from Joshua Tree National Park (J.L. Lawson & Co.'s company origins) on their spinning side and the pointing hand of a skeleton designating, "Your time has come" on their deciding side. A partially embedded 3/32" ceramic ball conducts the spinning. Tempus production will include bronze, copper, and .999 silver editions, each measuring 1-1/4" in diameter and 1/4" thick.

While rooted in boozin' good times, you can of course spin a Tempus to determine the best solution to any conundrum about who has to, or who gets to. Who has to do the dishes? Who gets the last slice of pizza? Who has to tell the guy at work he needs to start wearing deodorant? Who gets first dibs on the hot blonde who just walked into the bar?

Tempus designer Anthony Lawson notes that the coin's artwork and nature aren't intended to create a "perfect spin." But fidgeters and spinner enthusiasts out there should feel it's still fairly balanced in action. Lawson's average spin times are 7 to 9 minutes.

The Tempus Spin Coin runs as a Kickstarter campaign through March 9, 2017. Pledge for your choice of bronze, copper, or silver decision maker here.

*Really, it's that old, kicking off in yesteryear Rome as a game called navia aut caput, or "ship or head," representing the ship that was on one side of Roman coins and the head of the emperor on the other.

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