Team USA Motorcycle Mask

Posted: July 27, 2012
Team USA Motorcycle Mask
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The Patriot Mask is one of my favorite masks that I have created. Oh. I guess I should put quotes around or italicize that statement since it was said by the person who isn't me who actually created it. Leather artist El Vaquero Muerto hand made this motorcycle riding mask of shit-stirring, ass-kicking American pride and solidarity, and the only lackluster hand I had in the endeavor was to decide it is a fitting representation of today. For today is a day heralding the commencement of the London 2012 Olympics. A day during which we as Americans will gather 'round our 52-inch flat screens to take in a feast of lights and drums, heckle other nations' opening ceremony wardrobes and drool over their synchronized swimmers, and watch as Team USA enjoys great camaraderie with their athletes. Whom we will later pummel in competition and launch face-first back to their native soils.

OK, that Bolt guy might take a few track events.

But we gotta head into these two weeks with a Nike-slogan mentality, constantly reminding ourselves that no matter what the statistics say about China, USA is still #1. After all, being the best is what the red, white, and blue stands for isn't it?

I think El Vaquero Muerto agrees. He points out that Old Glory is an emblem of values, and his mask mirrors that emblem. Its tattered look then reminds us that our values--life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness--must be won through diligent effort and 49.82 times on the 100m Butterfly. Also, its aesthetics (not to mention the woman modeling it) scream badass.

All Patriot Motorcycle Masks have leather lining and padding in the nose and cheeks for comfort. They have brass inserts in the nose and chin for custom molding to the wearer's face. Attachment is via elastic and Velcro straps that secure behind the head so that masks sit uncloyingly on the cheekbones, and air moves easily in through the sides and bottom.

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