Sync II Multi-Tool Belt Buckle

Posted: May 02, 2017
Sync II Multi-Tool Belt Buckle
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Typically, pants are like people: it's what's on the inside that counts. But with their Sync II, a multi-tool that folds down into a belt buckle, SOG Specialty Knives and Tools are hoping to up the value of what's on the outside too.

The Sync II has a detachable base that clips and locks onto most buckles on belts measuring up to 1-3/4" wide. If it's not compatible with a belt you're wearing on a particular day, you can also clip the tool onto a pack strap or boot. The idea is to keep it within arm's reach, easily accessible without searching or digging.

Multi-tool implements include: pliers; gripper; soft wirecutter; crimpers; awl; straight blade; jewelry driver; bottle opener; small flathead screwdriver; 3-sided file; and ruler.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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