Sword Handle Umbrellas

Posted: July 23, 2012
Sword Handle Umbrellas
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During complete deluges, formal affairs cursed with rain, and attempts to impress a hot chick during a summer storm--times when carrying an umbrella is unavoidable--you may as well whip out a rain deflector decked out in a samurai, sabre, or broad sword handle to feel a little more like the smooth, stealthy Knight of TCB that you are.

Sabre and Broad Sword handles decorate the ends of full-size black umbrellas with push-button operations and shoulder straps for schlepping. Open canopies measure 41" in diameter, and lengths are 34". The Samurai Sword handle attaches to an umbrella of the same canopy size, but with a handle that retracts to a purse-stuffing 16-1/2" long. Broad Sword Umbrellas run $29.07, and Samurai Sword Umbrellas $15.30 from Amazon.

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